• Whaly unboxing

    Gulfstream has become an official representative of TM Whaly, a Dutch manufacturer of polyethylene boats.

  • Our New Whaly Boat! Maiden Voyage in Rough Seas

    Our newest addition to the Los Buzos fleet. This Whaly 455 is a 100% Rotomoulded Polyethylene 14.8ft boat. We plan to use it for short distance trips, kayak overwatch, and supplying bait and other assistance to kayakers when fishing around Vaca. This is our first time launching a boat on a trailer from the beach, we are learning with this as we go and had a blast doing it... check out how it goes!

  • Whaly 435 Safety/Rescue Boat

    Whaly 435 with Yamaha 25hp 2 Stroke as tested by a local Fire & Rescue team.

  • Whaly 435 Test

    Test run of a Whaly 435 with a Mercury 30 (22.5 kW) 4-stroke outboard engine by Whaly


Company Gulfstream LLC offers speed boats made of HDPE (High-Density) for professional use

A few more benefits.

Technically competently designed HDPE marine boats does not need puttying, painting, is not amenable to corrosion and destruction, does not require maintenance.

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